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Addison’s Tales is a digital book label that weaves animation, wild characters, catchy tunes and old fashioned storytelling into a brand new reading experience for mobile devices.

Discover new characters as your reading improves!

Short Trips of Terror

Like a fright?

Why not terrify yourself on the way to school with the first ripping graphic hybrid novel from W. P. Blythe.

Voyage of the Dawn Star

What evil awaits at the dark heart of a tempest?

THE SOUTH SEAS. 1963. The Dawn Star has just cast the warps when a cyclone of supernatural dimensions appears on the horizon. With little hope of outrunning it, Captain Albert Valdemeer decides to push deeper into the heart of the storm. His vessel and crew of 11 men are never seen again. Recoil in horror as the final hours of the doomed trawler’s voyage are recaptured in our first Short Trip of Terror.

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About Wivern Digital

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Wivern creates stories populated by some of the strangest characters you’re likely to read about. We like to bring these characters to life with the help of fantastic animation, catchy tunes, illustration and highly original forms of interactivity. All these elements go into building the storytelling world of Addison’s Tales – a digital series of stories, songs and rhymes made to help kids discover the joy of reading, music and writing. To help that discovery process, we developed a reading scale to indicate which app is just right based on ability. We also conjure up new and engaging ways of co-creation at:

The music from Addison’s Tales is available as MP3s and sheet music at too. If you want to stay in touch, like us on Facebook, add to your tablet’s home screen and sign up for our starmail to receive all sorts of secret author info, codes and free class lesson ideas at:

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